Tuesday, October 11, 2011

leave for 2 days like leave for 2 years..

yeahhh..yeahh...yeahhhh... im loving it..
i love leave...i love it..i happy.. i love it.. oh my god..**wing..wing**
my pressure of work discrease immediately
im so relief when got 2 days leave after 7 days working..
i stand for my work from wed, past week until today..
and tommorrow my leave...
why im so happy huh?
i do look like people who never get any leave for their life...ahaa..

so ...lets we talk about tommorow :
what people will do when they got  leave..??
if weekend, of course people will go to the cinema..
watch the movie...huh...but it just happy to couple n family ...
but to me??..who want accompany me ???..
my mom doesnt like watch the movie..my fiance too far from me..also my bff
but since my leave not in the weeked..
im not really think watch the cinema is a good idea on the weekdays
just waste my money n time..
so why not..
i take full recces to get my power back at home..

ok..usually when i got leave..
automatically i'll be maid for at my home..
i love cleaning
clean my home, my dining room, my kicthen, my sweet room..
now, i got idea...2 days leaving, my target activities are :
  1. cleaning home..included dining room, living room, kitchen
  2. cleaning my clothes...
  3. cleaning my love JMN..what else?????
  4. cooking..
  5. watching movie..

opss...hmm.....feel like i forgotten something...ok..
and last but not least..is sleeping...muahahah...

the lazy of daya will do all of the activities above??? just wait and c...

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