Thursday, October 6, 2011

SomeThing From BorNeo

yeahhhh....i love ...i love much them...hahhah...
im look so happy? isn't it?
of cos laa...
i got something from boneo,,,or known as sabah..
as yr information..
sabah is located on the northern portion of the island of borneo..
likely sabah n borneo are the guess..
when they said "borneo",immediately i think about sabah..
and vice versa.
to who do not know about sabah..

recently, our staff came back from vocation..
they go to the sabah..
unluckly, im not following them....*upset*
because im a new faham2 je lahh kan..
but even though im not going with them..
 they buying all of this for me..
thanks all...
im not expect that u all can buy all of the things for me..
btw u all are very u...
i just can say : million thanks to all of u

1. can use as marfela.. n also can use as a tudung..multi purpose..

2. from kak nisa... it's very cute this penyu..thats y i choose it.

3. brooch...from puan ha...choose this one because can suit with all of the colours of tudung

4. from puan ha too... i dont know what should i call this item.. this used for sanggul...i hope i can get use it someday..because of i dont have a "sanggul"...hurmm

5. bracelet from kak siti...choose this colour because i dont have this colour yet...n i think it suit with my baju raya...

n the last souvenirs

6. tshirt for all staff.. size m..but when i wearing this shirt.. the size became XXL to me ..omg..

thanks to all the staff bacause u all buying all of this for u

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