Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HepPy New Year 2012

ehem..ehem...ehem...this is first entry in 2012...huhu


just wanna say heppy new year to all readers..
welcome 2012
and sayonara 2011

for this year and for the first time
i didn't make any wish...any hope neither any aim 
because of...
every years.. i putting almost 3-10 wishes a year ..
but i just noticed that not all mmy wishess i fullfiled
im failed.
what ashamed..
so this year..
no wishes..
no target..
no aim...
just go through my happiness life..

and just remember 1 word

" i hope tomorrow always better then yesterday in my life"

semoga kehidupan menjadi teratur dan dipermudahkan oleh-Nya

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