Monday, April 22, 2013



 it hv bn a long time i do not update my blog.. oh yeah? maybe?
recently, im quiet bz...(jaga suami yang jauh)
so actually i dont have any idea to update my blog..(true)
but my finger tips seems wanted me to type whatever story here..

Actually i have a lot of stories in my mind..
not here..
i love to collect all of the stories in my mind  till i forgot to write here..(actually im a lazy gurl)
hurmmmm...what should i write now? (im blurr)
i dont have mood to write..
i dont have much time to write too,,,
but i think i have to write at least one story here..

for example :

fyi, now im a full housewife..
i was resigned a week ago..
after resigned, me and my husband going to melaka ...
we spending  time together ..

rase macam mahu balik selangor malam ini jugaaa....

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